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Constructive criticism

Most people react to criticism by instinctively beginning to self defend. Few people (honestly) like the criticism and receive it with a smile, even when it is completely justified. The more you care about someone or depend on their opinion, the stronger your reaction is. But is every criticism negative and what actually makes constructive criticism? Do you know what are the benefits of criticism for you or the very notion of it makes your desire to defend to the last drop of your blood grows?

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As a Life & Business Coach I offer development services to clients in a professional and personal level.

Life coach, motivational speaker, soft skills trainer, storyteller and author of four books in the field of personal development.
Business consultant in strategic PR.
Media trainer&coach.
I am coaching clients one-on-one as well as via seminars and workshops, in Croatian and English. I earned my degree in Life Coaching (L.C.H) in England in 1995 after a long entrepreneurial career that included managing my own marketing and PR agency in Zagreb that was affiliated with US based Ogilvy&Mather. My extensive PR and marketing knowledge was essential for many US business when they started their activities on Croatian market such as IBM, Ford, Unilever among others.

I was a board member of American Chamber of Commerce (AmCham) from 2001 until 2002 when I became the President of the Board (2002-2003).

I am a member of European Coaching Institute.

My thirst for knowledge as well as the need to help others is my driving force. My clients are people who want to improve the way they manage their career and want to lead balanced life, achieve more and fulfill their potential. Among my clients are individuals as well as companies that take care of the development of their employees as their important resource.