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Constructive criticism

Most people react to criticism by instinctively beginning to self defend. Few people (honestly) like the criticism and receive it with a smile, even when it is completely justified. The more you care about someone or depend on their opinion, the stronger your reaction is. But is every criticism negative and what actually makes constructive criticism? Do you know what are the benefits of criticism for you or the very notion of it makes your desire to defend to the last drop of your blood grows?

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Beliefs (26/4/2012)

Beliefs are being formed from the moment we are born and are strengthened by the references we give them, the events that confirm what we believe is really true (at least for us). The more references the stronger our belief. This is also how we form our (inner) self-image. Beliefs are helping us but many times are preventing us from reaching positive outcomes. These beliefs are limiting. Influenced by these limiting beliefs we repeat negative behaviour and get negative outcomes. We are then not able to get out of the vicious cycle. If this is the case it is time we changed our beliefs. In order to stop doing things based on limiting beliefs we have to stop the negative messages we communicate to ourselves (SELF-TALK), that create our inner projections of ourselves (SELF-IMAGE). The decision to change this is very important. It will lead to the act of change that should be based on the personal (I) in the present time (AM) and the positive (WORTH). Although at that moment you can be aware that this new message is not true – not a fact, by repeating these affirmations constantly you will bring into your subconscious mind a new positive belief that will replace the old limiting one and consequently change your behavior leading you to different results. This is not easy and Life Coaching can help you change limiting beliefs into positive and help you become truly successful. Are you ready now to be happy?

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