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Constructive criticism

Most people react to criticism by instinctively beginning to self defend. Few people (honestly) like the criticism and receive it with a smile, even when it is completely justified. The more you care about someone or depend on their opinion, the stronger your reaction is. But is every criticism negative and what actually makes constructive criticism? Do you know what are the benefits of criticism for you or the very notion of it makes your desire to defend to the last drop of your blood grows?

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  • What is Life Coaching?

    Life Coaching is a method that enables clients to set their goals, find solutions and create fulfilment in any aspect of their lives and reach the balance among most important fields so they could be happier, more satisfied and successful.
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  • Who is a Life Coach?

    Life Coach is a person who supports the client, helping the clients to fulfill their potential: starting with leading the clients through the process of discovery to find out what their wishes and motivations are, find the ways to make these wishes come true, encouraging clients to start their path to success.
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  • How does Life Coaching work?

    Coaching sessions are taking place either face-to-face or via telephone (or in combination). Each session is arranged in advance. The confidentiality of the data shared is guaranteed.
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  • How do I know if Coaching will help me?

    The results are up to you! To be sure that you would achieve the results you want to, you would have to ask yourself the following questions...
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  • What is the difference between Life Coaching and other methods of personal growth?

    Life Coaching, unlike therapy, is looking for the answers to where you are now, not to what in your past got you here. Yes, the past does influence the state we are in and understanding this is important, however the focus in Life Coaching is where we want to be and how to get there.
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  • What is and how does Business Coaching work?

    Special part of Life Coaching is – Business Coaching. Business Coaching is the solution for managers and entrepreneurs. Although you might think that Business Coaching is unnecessary for the busy and successful businessmen, the powerful people from the business arena would benefit the most from it.
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  • How can I hire a Life Coach?

    This is quite simple. Contact me via e-mail: tatjana@tatjanadivjak.com. You could check FAQs and should there be any specific question I have not answered send me an e-mail.
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