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Constructive criticism

Most people react to criticism by instinctively beginning to self defend. Few people (honestly) like the criticism and receive it with a smile, even when it is completely justified. The more you care about someone or depend on their opinion, the stronger your reaction is. But is every criticism negative and what actually makes constructive criticism? Do you know what are the benefits of criticism for you or the very notion of it makes your desire to defend to the last drop of your blood grows?

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How does Life Coaching work? (26/4/2012)

Coaching sessions are taking place either face-to-face or via telephone (or in combination). Each session is arranged in advance. The confidentiality of the data shared is guaranteed. The sessions are held once a week and could last from 30 minutes to maximum 1 hour. Optimal time for a session is 45 minutes. Depending on the topic and specific situation first results could be reached after 6th session (therefore within 1, 5 months) but for the long-lasting results it would take more than that although the dynamics of the session could be less intensive.

Optimal time for coaching would be 6 months or so, once a week but it is recommended to continue working based on the results reached. Usually each session ends by the client repeating the tasks agreed until the next session and what are the deadlines for these tasks to be performed. This is the secret of Life Coaching success – working together to reach the excellence.

Remember how many times you promised yourself to do something introducing change to your life and than gave up doing it. If your obligation is to your Coach for the sessions that you paid – your obligation is more solid.

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