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Constructive criticism

Most people react to criticism by instinctively beginning to self defend. Few people (honestly) like the criticism and receive it with a smile, even when it is completely justified. The more you care about someone or depend on their opinion, the stronger your reaction is. But is every criticism negative and what actually makes constructive criticism? Do you know what are the benefits of criticism for you or the very notion of it makes your desire to defend to the last drop of your blood grows?

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What is the difference between Life Coaching and other methods of personal growth? (26/4/2012)

Life Coaching, unlike therapy, is looking for the answers to where you are now, not to what in your past got you here. Yes, the past does influence the state we are in and understanding this is important, however the focus in Life Coaching is where we want to be and how to get there. Each situation, each client and each session in Life Coaching is different. The goal is to achieve control over your life by accepting the responsibility to what and who you are, what you do (or not do). The Coach leads you through the process helping you to set the goals and to achieve them. The Coach is with you every step of the way. And every step is important.

Life Coaching is not a therapy. Should the Coach realize during the Coaching session that the therapy would be more appropriate, the Coach will recommend the appropriate therapist for you. It is than up to you whether you would take this path or not.

Life Coaching is not counseling, although it is helping you find appropriate solutions. Working with the counselor or advisor means you present the problem, advisor collects all the data, make the analysis and suggest the optimal solution for the change.

Coaching is different: the Coach search for the appropriate solution for the change together with the Client (on personal level without changing others).

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